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For more than 7 years I’d been dogged by a chronic and debilitating calf injury that prevented me from running for any distance without experiencing tension pain. A whole series of appointments with doctors and specialists, acupuncture and ultrasound sessions, as well as prolonged rest – including a spell on crutches all failed to cure the problem.

logo for lion health and fitness whole body approachRichard

I started working with Phil 3 years ago. I was a 64 year old lady club golfer whose form had been lost due to back problems. Phil helped me understand what was causing my back problems and put me on an exercise regime to get me out of pain.

logo for lion health and fitness whole body approachJill

My bone density has increased by 11.4%. I am extremely thankful for his help (I just wish I had listened earlier) and recommend his approach to health and fitness to anyone struggling with health issues


After a few months working with Phil, I have lost weight and toned up, improved my diet and digestion and got me drinking more water. He’s certainly given me the incentive to get into shape…

logo for lion health and fitness whole body approachDeborah