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Golf Performance


Golf Performance

Exercise is key to any Golf Conditioning Program.

The holistic approach to golf conditioning improves golf performance.

  • Postural Analysis.

  • A core assessment.

  • Stretch assessments.

  • Key mobilisations highlighted by assessment.

  • A bespoke mobilisation, stretch and exercise program.

  • Holistic healthcare advice.

As a member of the CHEK Institute Faculty, I not only appreciate and understand the requirements of the golf game. It is with great passion that I also teach others how to understand its requirements. This provides the trainer with all the information needed to improve both their own game as well as that of their clients. I was at the time of writing this text the only person globally who teaches this Golf Performance program. The Golf Conditioning North London program itself is not about telling you how to hold the club. Nor is it to tell you where to place your feet etc, I leave this to the golf professionals.

The golf performance program is more about the five things below:

  1. It helps you be the best golfer you can possibly be.
  2. Helps you avoid injury.
  3. You will understand the root cause of your pain/injury.
  4. To be more consistent
  5. You will add yards to your drive

In order to achieve this, I work through a proven formula in the following order Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power training. What this means is that I work on muscle imbalances and postural issues first, these must be resolved first before any stability work can be successful, once flexibility and stability work is completed we progress to working on strength requirements before moving on the power aspects of the game.

So in summary Flexibility first, which is a prerequisite of stability, which is a prerequisite of strength, which is a prerequisite of power training.

The Golf Performance North London Program consists of:

  1. Full Postural Analysis.
  2. A core assessment.
  3. Stretch assessments that you can either do by yourself or with your golf partner.
  4. Key mobilizations to assist with your individual requirements (based on previous assessments)
  5. An individualized mobilization, stretch, and exercise program.
  6. Lifestyle advice.

On completion of the Golf Performance North London program you will:

  1. Injury free
  2. Be pain-free
  3. Benefit from more energy and an even greater appetite for your game
  4. Have a more stable stance/golf swing.
  5. Be fitter and stronger.
  6. Benefit increased power for the game of golf.
  7. Have Improved ability in both long and short game
  8. Have the potential to lower your handicap
  9. Having a body that is now working optimally you will also achieve considerable weight loss.

In conclusion, a single Golf conditioning program has all of these benefits, helps you recover or avoid injury, and improves your Golf performance.


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