Generally, people are unaware of the amount of stress they are under. They are aware of the more tangible stresses e.g. financial stress, work stress, partner stress, children stress, but do not understand that there are many other forms of stresses that are affecting us.

Some of these stresses are listed below:

Physical – Exercise, Posture, Illness, weight, Inflammation

Chemical – Cosmetics, Hormonal, Additives, Drugs, Plastics, Car

Electro-Magnetic – EMF, Electric Goods, Mobiles, TV, Sun, Cooker

Safety and Security – Money, Work, Marriage, Divorce, Death

Nutrition – Intolerances, Hydration, Additives, Fats, Organic, Sugar

Thermal – Sun, Green House Effect, Central Heating, Cold

A point to note about stress is that it is additive, by this I mean that it is the total amount of stress that affects you not just the one that you feel is the worst.

The result of this amount of stress for many is a condition often referred to as ‘adrenal fatigue’ and is illustrated below.


This diagram shows four stages of cortisol output and illustrates how continuing stress can lead to diseased states. The green part of the graph is the output when the body is working normally. Then as the stress begins to rise we enter the yellow portion of the graph, this in terms of the fight or flight response is the body fighting whatever the stresses are effectively. It is during this phase that most people say they feel great and are having no trouble training hard. However, if the stress continues cortisol output will decrease as indicated by the orange section of the graph. It is here that hormonal balances occur and these can affect other systems in the body. At this stage the body is beginning to lose the fight against the stresses being imposed upon it. If stress continues cortisol output will decrease further, the red section of the graph and this is where symptoms begin to occur. If you do not take heed of these symptoms it is likely more serious problems will occur e.g. diabetes, arthritis, fungal or parasite overgrowth and thyroid issues can occur.