Overweight, tired and stressed, a common theme

Throughout the previous four blog posts you may have noticed a theme developing. Irrespective of whether you were looking at reasons why people are unable to lose weight, are suffering from poor sleep patterns or are highly stressed they all are affected by the same things.

A reminder is shown below:

The Theme:

  • Overweight – Dehydrated, Prescription drugs, Wrong Food for their Metabolic Type, Poor Exercise Choices, Food Intolerances, Hormonal Imbalances, Gastrointestinal Issues and inflammation.
  • Tired – Dehydrated, Poor Exercise Choices, Poor Diet and/or Food Intolerances, Prescription Drugs, Hormone Imbalances, Gastrointestinal Issues – i.e. inflammation, Fungal Infections, Parasites, Dysbiosis, IBS, Diverticulitis, H Pylori, Leaky Gut etc.
  • Stress – Hydration, Exercise, Intolerances, Gastrointestinal Issues and inflammation, Wrong food, Hormonal Imbalance, Prescription drugs, Food Additives.

This clearly shows that a poor diet can be the cause of obesity and poor sleep as well as being a stress on the body.

The same can be said about a poor diet, gastrointestinal issues, poor exercise choices and prescription drugs etc.

In my last blog I outlined the different stages of stress by providing a brief overview of them as related to the graph ‘stress predominance’. A point to note about cortisol is that although under normal circumstances it is good, and is a strong anti-inflammatory, when in excess it promotes fat storage. Cortisol is normally produced as the first response to a fight or flight response. This causes a rise in blood sugar which will be transported to the muscles so you can either fight the aggressor of run from it whichever will provide the best chance of survival. The problem with the amount of stress modern day humans are under means that cortisol is being produced in great quantities throughout the day this then causes the liver to release more blood sugar to repel the threat. The problem here is that there is no physical threat to fight or run away from. This means that we have raised blood sugar, which in too high an amount is toxic to the body and must be removed from the blood stream. This is the job of insulin once the muscles and liver have been topped up it must remove all excess blood sugar and put it out of harms way. The way insulin does this is to place it in the fat cells around the tummy.

So the question is, is it the poor diet causing clients to be overweight or

is it the poor diet causing poor sleep patterns or is it poor diet that is causing the stress which is causing people to be overweight?

The reality is, it is all of the above, you just need to be a good detective to work it out!