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Gastrointestinal Relief

Did you know that around eighty percent of your immune system is in your Digestive Tract and that digestive disorders are often the cause of low back pain?

Elements key to our Services.

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Pain Relief North London

Pain Relief in North London is the goal but it is not always possible to completely eliminate the pain.  In which case at the very least clients will be able to implement a pain management protocol to relieve the worst effects of the pain. Whether it is acute or chronic, back, neck or shoulder pain, ankle, knee or hip pain we have a solution for you.

Is the issue always the result of injury?

What people don’t always realize is that the source of pain is not always where you feel it. Pain can be referred from organs in the body. As an example, most people are aware that a heart problem can give pain in the left arm. A point to remember is that each organ in the body also has specific referral points around the body.

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    The Basic Program Consists of

    The Advanced Program Consists of

    A full body physical assessment. A detailed physical exercise program.

    DNA Profiling (saliva sample)
    Food Intolerance testing IgG tests

    Holistic Lifestyle Advice Follow up assessments at three and six months.

    Liver stress
    Free Radical Damage & Digestive Capability

    Analysis of health and fitness questionnaires Dietary Advice

    Adrenal function
    Stress & Growth Hormone Levels

    Referrals to other health specialists as appropriate.

    Intestinal Function
    Infections and Inflammation (stool)

    Resolutions in North London

    Lion Health and Fitness utilizes Holistic Wellness Skills for helping both acute and chronic pain clients.

    Many of these clients present with multiple symptoms. If one or more of the list below resonate with you and you want to do something about it then you need to look no further. My training with the CHEK Institute has proven invaluable when working with clients who are displaying many of these symptoms. The seven-year program has provided me with the holistic health skills to help clients with many of the symptoms listed below.

    Are you feeling depressed?

    Do you have a chronic disease that is causing discomfort?

    Is your pain preventing you from doing the things you love doing?

    Have you seen multiple physical therapists and doctors but none have cured you?

    Have you been told it is all in your head?

    Are you taking drugs to help you live?

    Would you like to be pain-free whilst being drug-free?

    Do you want to find the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom?

    Have you been told there is nothing else that can be done?

    Have you been told that you will need to take medication (painkillers) for the rest of your life?

    And the list goes on…….

    The CHEK level 1 qualification gave me a sound grounding in the workings of the lumbar spine. I soon found that I was making a difference with clients suffering from various pain relief related issues some of which are listed below:


    Lumbar disc bulges (often called slipped disc)

    Spondylolysis (a fracture in the spine)

    Spondylolisthesis (a complete break in the spine)

    Spinal stenosis (a blockage in the spinal canal)

    Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction

    By focusing on the cause rather than the symptom I am able to identify muscular imbalances and correct them with the appropriate stretching and exercise program.

    Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief North London:

    Further CHEK education opened the door to a wider client base, which included those with cervical spine and shoulder injury. Most of the clients I have seen had been to multiple doctors and therapists but still had their problem. This level of skill has allowed me to help many clients with the type of complaint listed below:

    Breathing Pattern Disorders.

    Cervical stenosis or lower back pain

    Cervical disc bulges 

    Shoulder impingement syndrome

    Rotator Cuff tears shoulder

    Atlas Sub-luxation Complex

    TMJ dysfunction