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Provides solutions for all of your health and fitness needs.

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Personal Fitness Training North London- As an advanced personal trainer in Barnet, I provide holistic healthcare solutions to all clients.

Services core to our success in North London!

Postural Assessments

Dietary Advice

Advice on Hydration

Stretch Assessments

Length Tension Assessments

Manual Therapies

Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power Programs

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance

The Personal  Training North London package is individual and completely personal to each client

We all have our own reasons for exercising to achieve our health and fitness goals. Whether for physical fitness, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, weight loss, fat loss, flexibility, posture, improved strength, weight training, stress relief or just to get fitter. Whatever the reason this service is designed to meet individual requirements by providing a complete solution to all of your physical fitness and exercise needs. You need to look no further than Personal Fitness training in north London.

Personal fitness training north London provides health and fitness solutions for both the medically fit as well as for special populations e.g. Asthmatics, clients diagnosed with Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Obesity, Pre and Post Natal women, Pre and Post Surgery plus many more including ailments related to stress.

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    As a result of my CHEK Institute training, I am skilled in the holistic approach to health and fitness. Whilst promoting Personal Fitness Training in North London, we do not make false promises in that fat or weight loss can be achieved with physical exercise alone. The reality is, to achieve weight loss through exercise you will need to work hard for at least one hour 4-5 times a week. Most people do not have the time and are not able to make this commitment and are subsequently disappointed when they do not get the desired results. The holistic approach adopted by Lion Health and fitness for personal fitness training in North London includes all the guidance you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

    It is for this reason that no client is too old nor too young for personal fitness training in North London. Above all rather than work in the local park or your living room, I work from my own purpose built air-conditioned studio.

    Past Experiences 

    Most noteworthy is that over the years I have worked with clients of varying abilities, one client achieved a world record in an indoor rowing event. Furthermore, another elderly woman came second in her age group at the UK national indoor rowing championships. Also, I have worked with “Ironman” competitors, tennis players, rugby players, golfers, soccer players as well as male and female clients who just want to get fitter for their daily activities.

    Finally, I have worked extensively with clients recovering for surgery. Hence, a male client was used as a case study by the operating surgeon after his rehabilitation and recovery from hip replacement surgery. In contrast, another hip replacement client continues to work with me and is training to compete in triathlons.

    Looking for Personal fitness training in North London 

    Are any of the following of concern to you:

    • Overweight, tired or stressed and feel like you are stuck in a rut.
    • Prefer to work in a private air-conditioned studio rather than a local park or public gym
    • Feel too embarrassed to go to a public gym because you are overweight, unfit or unwell
    • Constantly feeling too tired to perform any type of exercise
    • Whatever you try your body shape never changes
    • You live in north London and want to improve your personal fitness levels
    • Feel that you have more to offer and want the help of a professional
    • Want to exercise but do not know what is best for you
    • Had previous bad experiences with personal fitness training
    • Had bad results from a previous personal fitness trainer
    • Every time you train hard you manage to catch the flu, a cold or pick up an injury causing you to stop training