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Static and Dynamic Postural Analysis.

A Full Core Assessment.

Primal Movement Assessment 

Sports Injury Rehabilitation.

Diet and Hydration Advice.

A personalised mobilisation, stretch and exercise program.

Holistic Lifestyle advice.

Sports Conditioning will improve Sports Performance

Working holistically is the fastest way to improve north London sports performance clients.

As human beings, we carry out our everyday tasks by performing primal pattern movements. As well as gait we perform the following movements. Squatting, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling, Bending and Twisting. Any sports Conditioning program for clients in North London must include the movement patterns that their sport requires. This will result in a lasting and positive effect on overall sports performance for clients in North London.

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    Sports Performance North London

    The sports performance North London program is designed to help clients improve their performance. By breaking down individual movement patterns and identifying specific weaknesses I am able to identify what movements may be affecting your performance. A corrective exercise program is then put together to strengthen the faulty movements before moving on to fully integrated movements for your specific sport. If any of the list below ring a bell with you then give me a call to discuss your options.

    Why Sports Performance North London

    The Sports Performance North London program was the result of me completing the CHEK Practitioner Level 2 qualification. This subsequently opened the door to more sports specific work. This work included both sports injury rehabilitation and the improvement of sports performance.

    I mainly worked with soccer and rugby players but have also worked with other sports people e.g. Golfers and Tennis players. After completing the CHEK practitioner level 3 qualifications my client base expanded. It then included Karate, Rugby and soccer players. They all benefitted for a sports conditioning program helping them improve their Sports Performance North London.

    Most of these clients had seen a number of rehabilitation specialists or physical therapists,  and many cases had spent thousands of pounds, with no improvement in their condition.

    I have worked with people who had multiple shoulder surgeries that only gave temporary relief. When these same clients were then given a sports conditioning program their pain improved considerably and in most cases disappeared.

    The reason I was able to help these people when other approaches had failed was because of the comprehensive assessment process. This is one of the key things I have been trained to do whilst studying with the CHEK Institute. The systematic approach allows me to identify the barriers to success and design programs to correct them. A typical example of this can be seen in the Golf Performance North London Program.