Tennis Conditioning for Improved Performance.

Holistic approach to tennis conditioning

In order to achieve optimum Tennis performance, it is important to condition specifically for the game. Not as I see in most clubs where if they do any training at all the programs are highly generic and do not correlate with the game of tennis.

How we achieve our success!

Full Postural Analysis.

A core assessment.

Stretch assessments.

Key mobilisations.

 Mobilisation, stretch and exercise programs.

Lifestyle advice.

Tennis Conditioning

Work Holistically to improve tennis performance.

Conditioning for tennis should not be taken lightly. Playing tennis when in poor physical shape often leads to injury and is the most common reason why people do not enjoy the game. Funnily enough, this is when people choose to not play rather than embarking on a good Tennis Conditioning program in order to avoid injury and improve their Tennis Performance. Those living in North London don’t know what they are missing.

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Tennis Conditioning and Performance

Tennis Conditioning North London

‘Over the years I have worked with many tennis players most of whom contact me because they have an injury. These injuries vary and can be anywhere from the head/neck down to the ankles/toes but the underlying message I get from all of them is that they want to eliminate their injury, be more consistent and improve their tennis performance whilst living in North London. Interestingly, unlike other sportsmen or women, I have worked with I have never had a tennis player come to me asking for a tennis conditioning program, they just don’t seem to correlate needing to get fit to play the game as a way of improving their tennis performance.

Tennis Performance North London

As a member of the CHEK Institute Faculty, I not only appreciate and understand the requirements of the game of tennis I also teach others how to educate and hence improve both their game as well as that of their clients.  The Tennis Conditioning North London program itself is not about telling you how to hold the racket or where to place your feet etc, I leave this to the tennis professionals, the tennis conditioning program is more about the following five elements:

  1. Helps you achieve your optimal potential.
  2. It helps you avoid injury.
  3. You will identify what is causing the injury or pain.
  4. You will add more consistency to your game.
  5. increases power and accuracy.

The tennis conditioning north London program is based upon our tried and tested formula of Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power training. This is the hierarchy which we adopt with all clients who request a tennis conditioning program either to recover from injury or to improve their tennis performance. 

What this means is that once we have completed our full assessments we work on Flexibility first, which is a prerequisite of stability, which is a prerequisite of strength, which is a prerequisite of power training.

The Tennis Conditioning Program in North London consists of:

  1. Static and dynamic Postural Analysis.
  2. A core assessment.
  3. Stretch assessments.
  4. Mobilisations highlighted by the assessment process.
  5. A personalised mobilisation, stretch, and exercise program.
  6. Holistic healthcare advice.

On completion of a Tennis Conditioning North London program you will be:

  1. Injury free.
  2. Pain-free.
  3. More energetic and begin to enjoy the game again.
  4. Benefit from a better technique.
  5. Have improved strength.
  6. More powerful.
  7. Have Improved ability. 
  8. Have the potential rise up your club rankings.
  9. Once completed you will notice considerable weight loss.

In summary, this means, you will be injury free and have improved your tennis performance by completing a tennis conditioning North London program.