In my previous blog I mentioned the six foundational principles I use with all my clients. When you look at them they all play a part in our ability to control our weight.

The body needs oxygen to carry out its everyday functions. If we are not breathing correctly we will have less energy and will be less inclined to exercise.

Our thought process is very important in terms of our weight. If you think you are fat you will remain fat. Many people are convinced they have weight issues when in reality they don’t… just ask an anorexic! If you think about food all the time you will want to eat, if you eat more calories than you need you will put on weight. If you eat foods that are not suited to your metabolic type this will cause weight gain. Eating too much or too little fat will cause weight gain by upsetting hormonal balance. If you eat poor quality food, which is devoid of the expected nutrients it will cause overeating…wherever possible try to eat organic or local produce.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons people tend to put on weight. When we are dehydrated our body knows that it can get water from the food we eat. Knowing this it increases our hunger symptoms causing us to eat more when all we really needed was a drink. A little tip here is to drink a glass of water about a half an hour before you eat your meal. This should satisfy any thirst sensations you may have as well as reducing the amount of food you need to eat.

Not eating enough good quality fat can affect cholesterol and hormonal balance. Once out of balance our hormones have the ability to disrupt every other system in the body. This includes our ability to metabolise proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Poor quality vegetable oils are also implicated in most incidences of obesity.

Too much cardiovascular exercise can actually cause weight gain in the longer term. Although, many people see short term weight loss with cardio exercise this is mainly due to the breakdown of muscle whilst doing the exercise. This breakdown of muscle will lower metabolism making it harder to burn off the calories eaten. This is one of the reasons people tend to put on weight in the long term. They usually adopt a calorie restricting diet as well as a high cardio exercise program, this = lower metabolism = high fat gain when they resume their normal diet or stop the exercise. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, and the higher your ability to burn calories.

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